Foundation Goal: 

To intervene financially at the start and during the calendar school year to facilitate access to quality education and to develop an environment that fosters educational opportunities to initiate growth in these provinces. Annually, $4,000 is needed to assist the identified Haitian families for this calendar school year. 

 What We Do: 

The foundation identified school age children and adults seeking professional certifications in two different cities, Petit Goave and Gonaives who would receive financial assistance to begin and sustain enrollment in the educational system each year. Most schools in Haiti are private institutions and require tuition and fees for enrollment each year. Haitian families struggle with enrolling and sustaining their children in school, as well as facing difficulty in finding opportunities to advance in their skills and professional development.
How You Can Help: 

School Tuition Fundraiser Involve friends, family, and the community to raise awareness of the organization’s efforts and raise funds for the school year tuition.
Administrative Support Assist with website updates, offer your ideas and skills to initiate projects, and recruit volunteers.
Online English Club Engage with participant families to encourage them to continue developing skills.
Sponsor Connections Initiate connections with other organizations to identify potential sponsors and partnerships.